Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some avenues for exploring contemporary painting

Casey Roberts

Louisiana Channel: video documentaries on many contemporary artists
Painter's Table:  Links to a plethora of postings on painters and painting exhibitions
Two Coats of Paint: Painter Sharon Butler's consistent postings about contemporary painting
Painter Painter: 2013 Walker exhibition of "new work by 15 artists from the US and Europe in a focused survey of emergent developments in abstract painting and studio practice."  
Painters' Painters: "Date to be Announced" Saatchi Gallery collection of contemporary painters
Painters Painting: Yes! These are all real! Atlanta Contemporary Art Center 2012 

Other resources:
Handprint: Bruce MacEvoy's exhaustive resource for watercolor's materials and properties


Marlene Dumas

Francesco Clemente

Francesco Clemente
Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth
From Through a Glass Darkly: Faces Past and Present Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary 24 January 2013 – 7 April 2013: